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About Ann Marie

Empathic since a child, Ann Marie, discovered Tarot Cards at the age of nineteen in a French gift shop.   In the year 2001, she began giving Psychic Advice by Phone full time for two leading National Phone Advice sites, Keen and Best Psychics Directory.


 Ann Marie abides by the Ethical Certified Psychics Code, which prohibits giving Lottery numbers, Medical or Financial Advice. She will only tell people what she sees and never what to do, and the future is changeable according to one's wise actions.  A reading can point out self-sabotaging patterns for creative change.

Topics most frequently asked on are Love, Family, Divorce, Work Disputes, Career, Crossing Over messages, Angel messages, Past Life Reads, Pet Readings, and Palm Reading.  Mental Tune-Ups are also great for pinpointing why someone feels as if they are walking in a fog. 
Ann Marie encourages private studio visitors to record their readings on their cell phones. For private phone readings, most smartphones can record calls.  Listening to a psychic reading later when more relaxed,  missed information can come out. It's a great way to determine the accuracy of the Psychic Advice, months, and even a year later. 

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Heartfelt Compassionate Honesty

Ann Marie O'Dell - Psychic Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Palm Reader, Angel Message

My Studio 



Palm Reading is a skill over 2000 years old and tells of your God-given gifts, blocks, best job potential, marriage, kids, retirement.

Tarot Reading

Tarot is my tool for receiving in-depth detail with my empathic gift. I compare it, to a carpenter's hammer and drill.

Angel Message

An Angel Message tells you what gifts and talents you were born with and to use for maximum fulfillment in your life..

Dream Interpretation

What did your dream mean?  Was it a message? A vision of things to come? Lets read on it.

Past Life


A Past Life reading points out who, what and how you were in the life before, the lesson you learned, and what your mission is now.

Crossing Over

Has someone you love crossed over to the other side?  I will tell you what messages cpme through for you.

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