Books by Ann Marie O'Dell


Beyond Town Limits

Imperfect Lives,Empowered Choices 

powerful women who find themselves in unthinkable situations, and keep moving forward,

Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limits is a collection of short stories by Dene Hellman and Ann O’Dell. It is divided into six sections and includes tales about women of all ages, their tragedies, conflicts and how they move forward. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Gardens of the Sisterhood

Create a Mystical - Healing Garden

Embrace Spirituality, mass intention, and thought principles through the garden with the Mystical-Healing support of Sisterhood.


Embrace the Angel Frequency. Feminine wisdom and creativity, natural healing with Cannabis, Birds, Feng Shui, Druid Gardening, and the Witches Garden share one thing in common, the forces of energy, nature, and women.


 The sixth Holocene Extinction, in which the Coral Reefs, birds, reptiles, plants, and large African mammals will disappear, is around the corner.  Heal ourselves and heal our world through the creation of a Mystical Garden.

Gardens of the Sisterhood

Create your own mystical garden

It all started with a 500 lb cement angel brought in on a boom truck.

My name is Ann Marie and I am a National Intuitive Adviser, Author and Radio Host. One Mothers Day a 500 lb cement Angel flew in on a boom truck and settled in the front of my studio garden, a gift from my husband.


This began my incredible journey with Intuitive Gardening and conservative neighbors who watched at first suspiciously, but soon, with smiles as the lane became a sanctuary of Zen chimes, stone angels and feng shui peacefulness.

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